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Regions in Moldova

Moldova is made up of 37 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Moldova. Information on all primary administrative regions in Moldova.

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Primary administrative regions in Moldova

There are 37 regions in Moldova in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Moldova
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Anenii Noi Anenii Noi1.80,787Anenii Noi Anenii Noi8,250
Balti Municipiul Bălţi2.105,000Balti Bălţi125,000
Basarabeasca Basarabeasca3.27,741Basarabeasca Basarabeasca10,809
Bender Municipiul Bender4.93,751Bender Bender110,175
Briceni Briceni5.75,978Briceni Briceni9,900
Cahul Raionul Cahul6.124,900Cahul Cahul34,492
Calarasi Raionul Călăraşi7.73,151Calarasi Călăraşi14,066
Cantemir Cantemir8.58,937Cantemir Cantemir3,829
Causeni Raionul Căuşeni9.90,369Causeni Căuşeni21,690
Chisinau Municipiul Chişinău10.492,894Chisinau Chişinău635,994
Cimislia Cimişlia11.60,046Cimislia Cimişlia12,464
Criuleni Criuleni12.70,186Criuleni Criuleni6,932
Donduseni Donduşeni13.44,648Donduseni Donduşeni9,435
Drochia Raionul Drochia14.89,500Drochia Drochia16,080
Dubasari Raionul Dubăsari15.35,200Cocieri Cocieri4,151
Falesti Făleşti16.87,838Falesti Făleşti14,377
Floresti Floreşti17.86,531Floresti Floreşti16,759
Gagauzia Găgăuzia18.153,079Comrat Comrat22,911
Glodeni Glodeni19.59,701Glodeni Glodeni10,146
Hincesti Hînceşti20.117,522Hincesti Hînceşti16,900
Laloveni Laloveni21.96,436Ialoveni Ialoveni14,915
Leova Leova22.49,735Leova Leova14,301
Nisporeni Nisporeni23.63,159Nisporeni Nisporeni11,718
Orhei Orhei24.125,800Orhei Orhei24,918
Raionul Edinet Raionul Edineţ25.82,500Edinet Edineţ22,872
Raionul Ocnita Raionul Ocniţa26.55,353Ocnita Ocniţa9,325
Raionul Soroca Raionul Soroca27.100,100Soroca Soroca27,423
Rezina Rezina28.46,493Rezina Rezina9,806
Riscani Rîşcani29.66,927Riscani Rîşcani12,893
Singerei Sîngerei30.85,657Singerei Sîngerei14,600
Soldanesti Şoldăneşti31.41,284Soldanesti Şoldăneşti6,160
Stefan-Voda Raionul Ştefan Vodă32.70,036Stefan Voda Ştefan Vodă7,700
Stinga Nistrului Unitatea Teritorială din Stînga Nistrului33.505,153Tiraspolul Tiraspolul157,000
Straseni Raionul Străşeni34.91,500Straseni Straşeni19,225
Taraclia Taraclia35.42,282Taraclia Taraclia13,512
Telenesti Teleneşti36.68,461Telenesti Teleneşti6,633
Ungheni Raionul Ungheni37.117,200Ungheni Ungheni34,422